Special day and special birthday

Happy birthday to me...
I'm seventeen now!! yay.. ^w^

Some people send and say happy birthday to me. I feel very happy with it. especially from people who are special to me. I think they can not do it, but I was wrong. U know who that special person? He is Kim Jong Woon a.k.a Yesung super junior. He has sent a written happy birthday to me in facebook. He wrote "HB Putri" I really happy and than cry. T^T. Oh gosh!! I really do not belive it!!! what is this just a dream? *pinching cheeks* AWW... sick!! It meant I was not dreaming >,<

are you believe it? o.O
Let's check it out!!

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Maybe you still do not believe about it. but even though I don't know whether he is a real jong woon but I remain happy. because I always pray to ALLAH for jong woon write it. Just it I ask. And that's right!!! Allah grant my wish. :))

Besides jong woon, Momoko tsugunaga also do the same. You know who Momoko? She is a member of BUONO. And BUONO is a group of singers from Japan. Okay, I'm not going to discuss about Buono now. I'm sure, she is the real momoko tsugunaga. 95% the original momoko. XD

So, Let's see it! ^O^
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Although late, Hangkyung or Hangeng super junior also write happy birthday to me on the message wall's momo on the next day. I doubt what he really Hangeng (?) because he uses a pseudonym. My brother said, he had chatted with joong woon on facebook. Jong woon said Shin Zala Yamato is Hangeng. * My brother was also friends with them on facebook*. Actually, I'm still in doubt, but it's okay. No problem. I'm very happy :D
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After receiving a lot of birthday greeting, I immediately reply to all of that and create a status as a sign of thanks^^

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Anniversary of this truly extraordinary times. Wonderful day and wonderful birthday. So many memorable events. But I can not write it now. Ok, see you next entri guys. Have a nice day yoo... ^o^

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