Are we twins?

Nyahaha ^w^ hei everyone!!! Let's see my photos. We are look like have a twin, right? ~(˘˘~) ~(˘˘)~ (~˘˘)~ *joget-joget india* huahuhaha.... what do you think? good or bad? just say good yah ~(˘˘~) *ngedipin mata* All of this photo was edited by my sister 'Anie ciel nobara'. yeaaah, biggest thanks sist, u're rock!!!

Yesterday, she looked twin photos at cliff's blog. So, she want to made like it too. And than, last night we started to trying took a some pictures. Me, ayi (my brother) and wiwid (my younger sister) as models for this project. hahaha very lol. When my turn came, Ayi and Wiwid always disturb me. Aish, they are sooo annoyed you know!!! >.< oh, probably because of the night, this pictures so dark :p My sister said this is just experiment, and she promise next time we'll make twins photo again. YAHOOOOO \(‾‾)┌(_o_)┐(/‾‾)/┌(_o_)┐

ME >///<

Ayi ξ\(ˇ▼ˇ)/ξ 

Wiwid (∫˘˘) 

WIWID (again)

Wahaaa.... Sayonara (^^)//
Putri Adriyati  

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Unknown mengatakan...

how can like that? :o

Putri Adriyati ♕ mengatakan...

nggg.. i don't know. this pict was made by my sister using photoshop nik, so i just display and share it here :p heheh

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